How to work from home when you have children (without going crazy)

Sylvie Pokorná
April 8, 2020

Another Monday morning. It's not the alarm clock that woke me up today, but my three year old daughter who is always up at around 5 o'clock. We usually get up at this time, but since kindergarten has been closed we’ve tried to take the opportunity to sleep in more. However, with my daughter this isn’t very easy. She wants to watch fairy tales, so I begrudgingly get up and with blurry eyes get to work on making tea, coffee, and breakfast.

My husband works as a doctor and I am a content creator in a marketing agency. Ever since the government closed all the schools, I’m thankful that I am able to work from home and take care of Anetka at the same time. Without a babysitter it would be almost impossible for me to adjust my daily work routine to taking care of a child. This is exactly why home office - or working from home - works so well for me. I can plan my activities around work and child-care throughout the course of the day in a way that fits my needs. With the ApuTime application I always have an overview of which tasks I need to work on first and prioritize, and this helps ensure any work that I haven’t gotten to yet isn’t negatively affecting my colleagues who might be depending on me.

Most days I start working at 7 in the morning. With ApuTime I choose the first task I am supposed to do – today, it’s sorting the pictures from a conference in March. As I get to work the timer on my first task activates. Finishing it was supposed to take almost 95 minutes. The morning coffee probably kicked in so I finished it in only an hour. So far it looks like I’ll be able to do a lot today. I am also checking on Anetka who is still watching TV so I energetically jump into the next task on the schedule – editing photos. The next hour flies by and my daughter starts to get restless. I get it, it's time for a snack. I still haven't finished so I am postponing the task for later. I am in a good mood so I head to the kitchen to make some strawberries with whipped cream. Anetka likes them the most. I am turning on another Lion King movie as I get ready to tackle the rest of my work. I continue with the unfinished task, editing the rest of the pictures. By the time I’m finished it’s already 11. I need to make lunch, so I set up the app so that from 11 to 1 people know not to disturb me. My boss is aware that I’m looking after Anetka, so he’s quite flexible when it comes to these sorts of things

After lunch I put my daughter to sleep. She usually sleeps for about 2 hours which is a great opportunity to get some valuable work in. This time my schedule indicates that I need to editi a promo video for a bank client.

It's 3 when Anetka starts to wake up and my husband arrives home. We are taking the advantage of the sunny weather to go for a walk. I will continue working later in the evening. For me, editing videos at night is actually easier because I have peace and quiet and find that I can be a bit more creative.

Working from home and taking care of a child at the same time is really difficult for all mothers, especially those with demanding jobs. Thanks to home office with ApuTime I have the ability to adapt my work schedule to my daughter’s needs and as long as the work gets done my boss is happy. Because of the framework of Aputime, he can take a look at my progress and see what I worked on and how long I spent on it. This way I can be just as productive as if I was coming into the office - if not more so - and I’m able to balance the demands of my personal life.

So how do you manage home office? Do you have any tips?

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